Eurochem International



A world-wide Service Engineer network is available ready to offer Technical Support and demonstrations on relevant issues concerned on board the vessels and graphical logs reviewing; periodically vessels scheduling for attendance at convenient/major ports.

  • The benefit of providing qualified marine engineers for service is that in addition to being experts in the application of EUROCHEM INTERNATIONAL, they are knowledgeable in shipboard engineering disciplines.
  • They can effectively communicate with ship’s engineers to avoid potential problems and maximize the effectiveness of EUROCHEM INTERNATIONAL products.
  • Boiler water test
  • Cooling Water test Analysis and other related services
  • Test-High Pressure Boilers
  • Boiler fireside Inspection
  • Boiler Waterside Inspection
  • Cooling System Inspection
  • Dosing Equipment Inspection
  • Cleaning Recommendation
  • Cleaning Supervision
  • Product Application Training
  • Sample Collection
  • Test Procedure Training
  • Bacteria Analysis
  • Boiler Water Analysis
  • Condensate Feed Water Analysis
  • Fireside Deposit Analysis
  • Cooling Deposit Analysis
  • Periodical reporting of Boiler and Main Engine Consumption
  • Boiler / Main / Engine Inspections/ Recommendations for chemical cleaning
  • Tank Inspection/ recommendations for Chemical cleaning
  • Central Gas Installation – Technical Support and installation Testing
  • Comprehensive Diagnostics management of Fuel and Lubes
  • Laboratory Fuel Evaluation Program
  • Sound Solutions Using Ultrasonic Systems
  • Technical Papers on Relevant Issues
  • Chemical Cleaning Services
  • Foam Analysis
  • Laboratory Water Analysis