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EUROCHEM INTERNATIONAL offers an extensive range of advanced scientifically formulated water treatment products, specialty chemicals and water additives manufactured to the highest international quality and environmental standards for guaranteed performance.

EUROCHEM INTERNATIONAL’s full range of scientifically formulated water additives and chemical treatment products include high performance water treatment chemicals for:

  •  steam boilers 
  •  cooling water systems 
  •  seawater systems 
  •  cooling towers
  •  closed circuits
  •  reverse osmosis
  •  evaporators
  •  fresh water treatment
  •  wastewater

as well as effluent treatment chemicals, high performance marine chemicals, eco-friendly biological formulations, advanced  polymers and much more.

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4 Rafailidou str, 17778 Tavros Athens Greece
Tel.: +30210 4836321-6 , Fax: +30210 4836331-2

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